UNC Single Port 48 VDC Power Injector (PoE Midspan)

UNC UC-MS118 Series  is a single port power injector or Midspan support Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE 802.3AF Compliant  Power Over Ethernet(POE) for IP Phone, Access Point, IP Camera or any devices that support power over Ethernet PoE and 802.1af


Features and Functions:
UNC UC-MS118G is a single-port power over Ethernet midspan or power injector for inline power to PoE support device (802.1AF) . It is an indoor use to meet IEEE802.3af standard, support input power from 100VAC   ̴ 280VAC input. This power supply use category type 5, 5E and 6 cable to connect to other network termination equipments, is suitable for 10/100/1000M network environment,effect distance of power supply is 100M.  


UNC UC-MS118G POE has the following excellent performance:
1. The power circuit has the function of Input over or under voltage, output over voltage, output over-current short-circuit protection for each circuit.

2. System reliability: MTBF > 100k hours

3. Conducted interference (CE) and Radiated interference (RE), comply with EN55022, CLASS B standard.

4. Lightning protection: Both positive and negative port of AC input can take 5KB, 8/20uS pulse current for 5 times, with interval of one minute. Power supply lightning protection circuit has the failure alarm function and safety protection devices like insurance tube etc.


Operating Environment:
1. Temperature: -15°   ̴+55°
2. Relative humidity: 5%   ̴ 90%RH
3. Places that are ventilate and cool, clean, no conductive dust, no corrosive gases.
4. Places without explosion hazard.
Technical characteristics:
1. Input voltage: 100VAC   ̴ 280VAC,47Hz   ̴ 63Hz.
2. Maximum power output: 16.8W.
3. Output voltage regulation accuracy: - 48VDC±2%
4. Load regulation: - 48VDC±1%
5. Operating temperature range: -15°   ̴+55°
6. DC output voltage of broadband noise: 3.4 kHz   ̴ 150 kHz ≤ 50mv 
Dimensions and weight:
Width: 60mm
Length: 160mm
Height: 32mm
Weight: <160g 
Power protection:
Range of output over - voltage protection: - 52VDC   ̴ - 50VDC
Over-current protection (Single circuit): 350Ma   ̴ 400Ma
Over voltage protection: Input voltage over 290VAC   ̴ 310VAC
Over voltage recovery point: Input voltage over 285VAC
Under voltage protection: Input voltage under 80VAC   ̴ 85VAC
Under voltage recovery point: Input voltage under 90VAC

Over-temperature protection: >1000