Once More


Universal NetCom Solutions (UNCS) founded on May 2002. Since that time, UNCS has been determined to focus on the IT & Telecom networks as unique fields of its professional activities. The company has developed the most specialized quality system solutions for a wide variety of customers.


We became one of the prestigious leading suppliers of solution and services for public & enterprises networking systems ? supplying Internet and telecom application solutions and services; computer and telecom application networks for all kind of the human network.


Today and The Future


  • UNCS has implementing to achieved strategic world-wide partnerships. IT, Communication, Network and Security become core of business then ICT (Information Communication Technologies) become more and more vital to business, with convergence technology. We are now ready for provide a broad of Solution and Service that cover ICT Infrastructure and application base on IP Communications.

  • We are an ICT design and engineering services organization holding strategic alliances with some of the industry?s top technology providers




To Develop and Apply the new innovative technology of IP communications generation in order to create the best solution and to provide the most professional service and consultancy to customers with highly effectiveness and efficiency of ICT for simplifying the access and use of solutions and application over the Internet or IP Communications.




  • To apply modern ICT network technologies in the world to create high-quality knowledge for the company by building the best solutions, effective services and offering them to selected customers for the purpose of expanding the company?s professional activities in Thailand.
  • To reinforce and assert UNCS competence and position in the region with a professional manner. Integrate the most modern IT & telecommunication network technologies in the world to help businesses develop more efficiently.
  • Our commitment is customer satisfaction