Service, Asset Management and Network Inventory


IT infrastructures have become incredibly complex while the resultant user demands for service are multiplying in both sophistication and scope. Despite these unprecedented challenges, there are several steps that IT executives can take to directly address the problem. These strategic initiatives include introducing industry best practices, automating service processes, and empowering users at all stages of the service delivery process. 

Alloy Software provides a broad range of innovative solutions that integrate people, processes, and technology into intuitive systems based on industry best practices


  • - IT Service Management
  • - IT Asset Management
  • - Network Inventory


Customer Support


IWe provide a wide-range of comprehensive maintenance services that assures our customer?s peace of mind during the equipment warranty period.


It is our firm belief that the level and quality of post-sales service and support (that is, warranty and maintenance service support) is of prime importance in today's decision makers' list. We believe that customer service quality will stand out as the distinguishing factor among companies vying for the same customer dollar.


We are committed to provide an excellent support structure that will enable our customers and business partners to grow to higher heights without having to worry about problems and delays. In the course of doing so, we envision to provide a competitive edge to our customers to ensure that they are successful.


IT Service Management


Today's Information Technology has become a mission critical resource. As organizations become more dependent on technology to conduct their day-to-day business, they are demanding a more responsive IT department and environment that reflects changing conditions and delivers future-proved reliability at acceptable cost.

IT Service Management requires an integrated approach to effectively deliver its services that truly meet customer and business requirements. 

Alloy Software offers an integrated Service Management solution that brings together people, processes and technology into a well-designed system based on industry best practices. 

With Alloy Navigator you can: 

Establish tight control over IT operations. 
Resolve customer issues more effectively while lowering service desk costs. 
Minimize the negative impact of problems within your IT infrastructure. 
Empower customers to find answers and log their own service issues 24/7. Web-based Self Service frees your team to focus on resolution and reduces your help desk costs. 
Raise overall productivity. 
Meet increasing industry standards. 
Uncover the true value of your IT organization.