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UNC-TrueTime GPS Network Time Server UNTP-1000 Series

Product Description

UNC Truetime GPS Network Time Server UNTP-1000 Series is a Stratum 1 Network Time Server that provides accurate and reliable time for network and clients inside firewall. The TrueTime UNTP-1000 Series provide each model from entry level without panel display and control in single Ethernet port, 1100 with front panel and single Ethernet port 1200, 1300, 1400 are the same as 1100 with dual, triple and quad Ethernet port all of them can serve accurate time to any system running an NTP or SNTP client and can support up to 60,000 network clients (workstations, servers, routers, etc.) with an NTP timestamp accuracy of < 10 microseconds. The highly-integrated solid-state design is extremely reliable, and you can easily manage it by using the network port Web base Management, Secure Shell and , a local console on the RS-232 serial port, or via the front panel display and keypad.




-   RFC1119/1305 NTP (Network Time Protocol) to synchronize time base for NTP client or devices on the network that support NTP


-   RFC1769/2030 SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) support


-   Support all of variety of clients such as Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/7 2000, 2003, 2008 server, Linux, Unix, FreeBSD and all of operating systems and application that support NTP


-   One, Two, Three, Four 10M/100M RJ 45 network ports( depend on each model


-   Support per unit time: >1000 times per second


-   High-stability crystal built in, can even maintain a high precision of time in a case of an external time source failure (optional)


-    Front panel display for  IP and other settings for ease of installation and debugging


                                 -    SNMP, configuration via serial port

                     I.         Web base management via  HTTPS, easy to access for administrator


                    II.         TOD/1PPS/10MHz output support (Option)


                  III.         110/220V AC ,50-60 Hz with dual-supply* or 48V DC power supply*(Option)


                  IV.         Fail over support synchronize with two time servers’ heartbeat for system that need high availability


                   V.         CE / FCC Certification



Time Accuracy


-  Server Time Level: Stratum 1


-  GPS Time Accuracy: 1ms


-  NTP client time accuracy: 10ms@60 packet per second (PPS)


-  NTP Client Synchronization accuracy:  >1000 times per second



Support Protocol


-   RFC 1119/1305 NTP v2/v3/v4


-   RFC 1769/2030 SNTP v2/v3/v4


-   10M/100M adaptive Ethernet


-   UNTP-1000, 1100 one network port, UNTP-1200 dual network ports, UNTP-1300 triple network ports, UNTP-1400 quad network ports


-   SNMPv1/v2/v3


-   SSH




-   FTP


-   DHCP





Power supply: 10W, 110 ~ 264VAC/50-60Hz


(-48V DC or dual-supply option)





Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 50


Operation humidity: 0 ~ 90%


                     MTBF :> 90,000 hours


1U Rack Mount Case